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Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum in Second Life

The Smithsonian Latino Center, in partnership with Ohio University Vital Lab and Second Life’s Linden Labs are pleased to present the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum (LVM), an avatar-based 3D virtual learning environment whose unique navigational features will provide access to the vast and rich collections, research and scholarship, exhibitions and educational activities of the Smithsonian Institution as they relate to U.S. Latinos and Latin America.

How to get to the LVM:

  • Follow this SLURL -
  • Sims: Smithsonian Latino Lobby, Smithsonian Latino Art, Smithsonian Latino Music, Smithsonian Latino LVG, Smithsonian Latino Expeditions.
  • Open up map box in Second life, and type in "Smithsonian" (without quotes) in search field. Select one of the Sims that are listed above, and click "Teleport".

Please note that it won't be possible to travel to LVM until March 19th.

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