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Smearcheck excited to share his real world experience in science and math with students

By Sarah Slavik

September 11, 2006

Mark  Smearcheck

ATHENS, Ohio — Mark Smearcheck, 23, is no stranger to applying what he has learned in the classroom to the real world. And he can’t wait to share that experience with students.

Throughout his undergraduate career and into the present, Smearcheck has spent a good deal of time conducting research in navigation systems and working in the field. His experience includes working for the Ohio University Avionics Engineering Center and also in industry working for PCC airfoils. As a result of his work experience, Smearcheck has published of two articles, attended conferences, and participated in flight tests for systems he helped create. He says, “All of these experiences can be used to relate real-world concepts to education in the areas of science and math.”


Smearcheck also feels that he can bring something unique to the STEAM project. “With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, I bring academic diversity to the group of fellows who all posses computer science degrees.”

Prior to his participation in STEAM, Smearcheck thought that he wouldn’t get a chance to get into the classroom to teach with only an engineering degree, “but STEAM has given me that opportunity” he says.

Main  Sequence Undoubtedly, as a result of Smearcheck and the other fellows getting into the classroom, the rewards will be great for both the STEAM fellows and the students. “The fellows are really given a chance to make a difference in the children’s lives.”