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Sarah Korte

Sarah Korte

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Sarah  Korte Sarah Korte, an eighth grade science teacher at Alexander Middle School, is working with the Ohio University STEAM project to investigate the use and integration of gaming and scientific simulations into middle school curriculum. Upon entering her science classroom and lab, it quickly becomes apparent that Korte values technology and the integration of it into the classroom. She regularly uses a whiteboard and projector in the classroom, and she says that the computer projector has really helped her classroom because she can easily pull down video clips from Web sites to show them to the class.  Additionally, the students can present and share information on their own explorations from both inside and outside of the classroom.

Ms. Korte feels that technology integration allows the educational process to become more personalized for the students. Korte believes that it is through classroom technology that students have more resources to investigate the educational information that they personally find interesting.

In our high-tech world, computer programs and virtual simulations are the natural progressions in the field of education. Ms. Korte feels that these applications allow for a more individual and differentiated instruction path, especially in comparison to anything else currently available. “Students can pace themselves. They will always be interacting and working in an environment that is a good fit in terms of learning,” says Korte.

Overall, Ms. Korte’s students have been very excited by the new STEAM programs that they have been using in the classroom. Engaged with the science lessons that have incorporated games and virtual simulations, Sarah Korte’s students are always eager to begin work on the new modules that are being designed.