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Stunt Park

Windows Installer Version 2.0 (XP and Vista)

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Stunt Park is a game that does not directly teach any educational content. Thus, by itself, it is just a fun game to play and does not have any accompanying Lesson Plan, Worksheets, or Pre-/Post-tests. The educational content is “fed” to the game through the use of a Question Set, which is hosted on the STEAM server. A Question Set is simply a set of questions, possible answers, and the correct answers. The content can be anything, such as biology or history. In addition, any grade level is supported by simply changing the difficulty of the questions. Once the Question Set for a particular concept is chosen, lesson plans, worksheets, and pre-/post-tests can be developed.

The game itself is an obstacle course full of exciting and fun stunts. Whenever you complete a stunt, you are asked the next question in the Question Set. Scoring is based on a combination of the difficulty of the stunt and whether or not you answered the question correctly. The in-game help screen and the material below provide additional information about this game.


Lesson Plan

Description of the Science Content of the Module: Varies depending on question set used

Game Play:

Stunt Park is essentially a stunt course that injects educational content from a Question Set during the completion of a stunt. Stunts consist of ramps, loops, a figure-eight track, a pole vault, and several others. Each stunt has a visible “waypoint” that (1) identifies the stunt and (2) indicates to you how to complete the stunt, which is by driving into it, or, sometimes, falling into it. When you enter a stunt, the game is temporarily frozen and you must answer the next question in the Question Set. After submitting your answer and viewing the answer feedback, the game resumes.

The Scoring System

Correct Answer: 1000 points

Incorrect Answer: 0 points (no penalty)

Red Stunt: 500 points

Blue Stunt: 1000 points

Gold Stunt: 1500 points

Vehicle Driving Controls

Up Arrow Key: Drive forward

Down Arrow Key: Drive in reverse (also, can be used as brakes if you are moving forward)

Left Arrow Key: Turn leftward

Right Arrow Key: Turn rightward

Left or Right Control Key, depending on your system: Turbo Boost

Miscellaneous Instructions

For help during the game, click the “Help” button (except when answering a question).

To pause/un-pause the game, toggle the “Go”/”Pause” button.

To see your current score and other statistics, click the “Stats” button.

The following key presses relate to background music for the game:

‘m’: Mute/Un-mute background music

‘n’: First press turns on background music, subsequent presses change the song being played

‘,’: Decrease volume

‘.’: Increase volume

When you have answered all questions, or if the game could not connect to the Question Set website at startup, you will enter “Free Run” mode. In this mode, you may complete stunts without being asked questions.

If you were asked questions during the game, then in Free Run mode you WILL NOT earn additional points for completing stunts. If, however, the game could not connect to the Question Set website, then you enter Free Run mode immediately and points ARE EARNED for completing stunts.

At any time during the game, you can reset the game by clicking the “Reset” button or quit the game by pressing the Escape key.

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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0538588. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.