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The Nutrition Game

Grade and Content Area: Middle and High School, Life Sciences and Health


The overall focus of the Nutrition game is to emphasize the impact fast food has on health. This is done by allowing players to experiment with different eating styles in simulated fast food restaurants to learn the health impacts in both a short and long term context. The goal for an individual player is to make healthy choices that will result in a high score for the game and a positive effect on health.

  • Each player will wear a HUD that will keep track of health statistics throughout the day. The items that will be displayed and recorded by the HUD are: caloric budget, fat content, cholesterol content
  • Time frame of game is one day
  • At start of game the player enters personal statistics consisting of height, weight, age, gender, and how many days a week the player exercises. This information is used to calculate how many calories the player should consume in one day.
  • During game play, the player creates three meal during the course of the day from a selection of food items available based on the health content of the items. A player can browse through available food items to view nutritional content before selecting a food to "eat".
  • The game ends after three meals have been created and "consumed"
  • At the end of the game information is given to the player on how they did based on how close they came to the number of calories they should consume in one day, how much of their diet came from fat, and how much cholesterol the consumed over the course of the day.

This material is based upon work supported by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health.