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Energy Park

Grade and Content Area: 7th Grade – Energy


Energy Park is a virtual amusement park where the students get to ride three different attractions. The attractions are a roller coaster, a pirate ship and a terror tower. During each ride the students will be asked different questions regarding potential and kinetic energy. Each question represents what happens in the ride except for the two definition questions.

Lesson Plan

Description of the Science Content of the Module: This module is intended to be used during the energy and matter topic, where students need to learn about different types of energy and how an object can have energy and convert it into a different type of energy.

Game Play: First students need to log in their avatars and place them at the assign Energy Park set. Once the students get their HUD they need to start the game by clicking the Start button in the main HUD panel. The instructions and a brief review of the potential energy will be displayed. Once the students have read the instructions they can choose which attraction they want to ride and click on the attraction name in the attraction’s panel located across the Terror Tower. Once the students are in the attraction they need to answer the questions that will pop up during the ride.

Pre-test Questions(pdf)
Post Test Questions(pdf)

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