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Robo Rescue

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A 2D Flash based module that runs in a web browser, if module doesn’t run download the latest version of the flash player from Adobe

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Grade and Content Area: 8th Grade – Science and Technology


The above image illustrates the game play in RoboRescue. The player is maneuvering the robot towards the person in trouble. Once the robot reaches the person they must drop the human back off at the safe zone. The onscreen obstacles are removed by successfully answering questions from the customizable question sets.

Lesson Plan

Description of the Science Content of the Module: This module teaches the concept of constraint based design. It can also be used to enforce ant topic of the teacher’s choice though use of its customizable question sets

When it is most appropriate to use the Module:This module can be used anytime. There are no educational prerequisites other than the students should be familiar with the topic addressed by the customizable question set.

Game Play: Users must first read the instructions presented at the beginning of the game. During each level players must use the arrow keys to navigate the robot though the level to search for trapped people. People will not show up on the map until the robot is within range (this range can be extended later in the game). Once the robot sees a person it may drive over it to rescue it. Rescued people must be returned to the safe zone to earn points and money for the player. Teleports are provided throughout the level for fast movement back to the safe zone. To rescue some people the robot must navigate through hazards. These hazards can only be overcome if the robot is equipped with the correct tool. Below is a list of hazards and their corresponding tools.

Boxes – Battering Ram
Fire – Fire Extinguisher
Rubble – Drill
Holes – Jet Pack

If the player’s robot is equipped with the correct tool they are presented with a question from the customizable question set. The hazard is not destroyed until the player has successfully answered the question. Answering a question correctly will also score points for the player.

After the completion of each level the player is taken to the garage where money can be spent on parts used to upgrade the robot. In order to purchase a new part the current robot must have all of the required prerequisite parts already equipped. The player must also have enough money.

Pre-test and Post Test Questions(doc)
Pre-test and Post Test Questions(pdf)

Education Standards: Grade 8 – Science and Technology

  • Benchmark B – Indicator 3 – Design and build a product or create a solution to a problem given more than two constraints (e.g., limits of cost and time for design and production, supply of materials and environmental factors.
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