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Star Life

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A 2D Flash based module that runs in a web browser, if module doesn’t run download the latest version of the flash player from Adobe

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Grade and Content Area: 8th Grade – Earth and Space Sciences


Guide a star through its life cycle from star birth through star death. Play the mini-games associated with each stage.

Lesson Plan

Description of the Science Content of the Module: Each stage in a star’s life cycles.

When it is most appropriate to use the Module: After the life cycle of a star has been introduced.

Game Play: On screen instructions are provided for every stage of the game. The game can be played multiple times following a different path each time which results in a unique final stage. An example mini game is show below.

Controls: This games makes use of the mouse, but will indicate when the keyboard is needed.

  • Left-Click is used to select items and answer questions
  • Arrow Keys are ussed to control the motion of the space ship
Pre-test and Post Test Questions(doc)
Pre-test and Post Test Questions(pdf)
These test questions have not been validated!

National Science Education Standards: Grade 8 – Earth and Space Sciences

  • Earth and Space Science – Content Standard D – Earth in the Solar System – The earth is the third planet from the sun in a system that includes the moon, the sun, eight other planets and their moons, and smaller objects, such as asteroids and comets. The sun, an average star, is the central and largest body in the solar system.


Ohio Content Standards: Grade 8 Earth and Space Sciences

Grade 8 –  Earth and Space Science – Benchmark B – Indicator 7 – Examine the life cycle of a star and predict the next likely stage of a star.


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