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TeamWATCH for CS456/556

Download and Play the TeamWATCH Tool Here:

Download and Play the Latest Version 11.11.21 for Windows (Release date: 11-21-2011)

Download and Play the Latest Version 11.11.21 for Mac (Release date: 11-21-2011)

(Unzip the compressed file and click teamwatch.exe to play.)

TeamWATCH User Guide

1                Click the executable file “teamwatch” on the desktop, there will be a window of TeamWATCH as shown in Figure 1. Select the fastest mode and select 800×600. Click the “Play!” button to run this tool.

Figure 1 Select the fastest mode

2 Now a screen as shown in Figure 2 will appear.  Click the “Notepad-plus” button to continue.

Figure 2 Project selection menu of TeamWATCH

3 Now you will see a virtual city as shown in Figure 3. This virtual city is the 3D virtualization of the repository information of the Notepad-plus project.

A blue pedestal represents a folder. A set of small cylinders represents a file, and a small cylinder represents a revision of this file. Different colors represent different authors. Transparent cylinders represent files that have been deleted in previous revisions.

On the top-left corner is the last committed revision number. Below the latest revision number is a list of all the authors’ names and their contributions. The contribution of an author is the accumulation of number of files he committed to the repository every time.

Figure 3 TeamWATCH distant view

4 Input “735” in revision filter textbox, input “donho” in author filter textbox, and input “notepad_plus.cpp” in file name filter textbox, you will see the screen as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 TeamWATCH filters

5 You can click the “Up Arrow” key in the keyboard to zoom in, click the “Down Arrow” key in the keyboard to zoom out, and click the “Left Arrow” key or “Right Arrow” key to rotate the camera.

Hover your mouse over the only cylinder still in the screen, you will see a text window on the top-left side as shown in Figure 5. You can see the file name, the file’s path, author’s name, the revision number and the revision’s date in the text window.

Figure 5 Details information