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Virtual Boat for Education

User Guide for the Virtual Boat software from the VITAL Lab


The following releases are internal releases for testing purposes. They may not be stable enough for classroom use. The most recent stable version can be found here.

iOS, PC (Windows/Mac/Web)

Download Unity Web player plug-in here before playing the game.

Version 20120713 (Release date: 07-13-2012; size: 13.9MB) Release Notes:

  • A whole new “Fishkill” scenario which is more simple, interesting, more easy to be played.
  • This new release added more instructions as subtitles, indication of current location in the map, etc.

Version 20120402 (Release date: 04-02-2012; size: 13.9MB) Release Notes:

  • Added “Tutorial ” scenario and “Exhibition” scenario;
  • Improved boat control on iOS platform;
  • Fixed teleport issue.

Version 20120319 (Release date: 03-19-2012; size: 12.9MB) Release Notes:

  • Added teleport feature
  • Fixed objectives problems
  • Fixed some parts of the terrain
  • Replaced the old boat with a new boat
  • Added some new 3D models

Version 20120309 (Release date: 03-09-2012; size: 12.9MB) Release Notes:

  • Fixed crush problem

Version 20120305 (Release date: 03-05-2012; size: 12.9MB) Release Notes:

  • Fixed stuck problems when the boat was driven into some locations of the terrain
  • Improved some in-game questions and other issues of fishkill level 1 based on PD feedback
  • Fixed the wrong objective and navigation mode problem that appear when players restart the game after clicking “quit” button
  • Fixed some grammar problems

Version 20120222 (Release date: 02-22-2012; size: 12.9MB) Release Notes:

  • Integrated MS Windows GUI to show diagram and emails;
  • Fixed water data value for WQI lesson plan;
  • Added more in-game questions;
  • Revised introduction content of “help”;
  • Fixed problem showing “done” without “congratulation” icon.

Version 20120219 (Release date: 02-19-2012; size: 13.6MB) Release Notes:

  • Fixed all problems from Justin’s feedback;
  • Added collider on the river as suggested by John;
  • Added “help” button on data diagram, and added hints of all water parameters;
  • Added time results for all objectives at the end of the game.

Version 20120211 (Release date: 02-11-2012; size: 13.6MB) Release Notes:

  • Replace pop-up windows with pop-up clickboards
  • Replace two sound clips
  • Enlarge close button of option window
  • Reactive in-game question 1 in fish kill spot.

Version 20120210 (Release date: 02-10-2012; size: 13.6MB) Release Notes:

  • added options back: added enable timer toggle, fast and fastest graphics quality options now disables reflective water so if the game is running slow try those (pc/mac only)
  • improvements on title screen (added gui skin, added build number, improved how to logo is displayed)
  • replaced laptop model
  • replaced steering wheel model
  • new boat model
  • new factory model

Version 12.0203 (Release date: 02-03-2012; size: 13.1MB) Release Notes:

  • Improved for fish kill lesson plan level 1
  • Improved for Geocaching lesson plan

Version 12.0131 (Release date: 01-31-2012; size: 13.1MB) Release Notes:

  • Designed for fish kill lesson plan level 1
  • Improved the sub camera for datasonde

Version 12.0130 (Release date: 01-30-2012; size: 13.1MB) Release Notes:

  • Works for “Water Quality Index” lesson plan
  • Let student chose a testing location on the map
  • Arrow would point to the next testing location which student chose on the map

Version 12.01120 (Release date: 01-20-2012; size: 13MB) Release Notes:

  • Released under unity3.5, needs unity3.5 webplayer plug-in for windows or mac.
  • Skip the vital logo scenario, the first scenario now is the introduction of virtual boat, the vital logo is added in this scenario.
  • The “Play now” button always shows in the second scenario, even if players have not typed their names.
  • Remove irrelevant sound clips.
  • Replace the old buoy with new bottles.
  • Replace 5 bottles to 5 different locations.
  • Improve the GUI a bit.

Version 12.0118 (Release date: 01-18-2012; size: 41MB) [Release Notes]

  • New objectives, 5 emails illustrating 5 steps of a GPS lesson plan. Students need to follow the indications from 5 emails to calculate GPS coordinates and find buoys.

Version 12.0112 (Release date: 01-12-2012) [Release Notes]

Version 12.0109 (Release date: 01-09-2012) [Release Notes]

Version 12.0108 (Release date: 01-08-2012) [Release Notes]

Version 12.0103 (Release date: 01-03-2012) [Release Notes]

Version 11.1110 (Release date: 11-10-2011) [Release Notes]

Version 11.1028 (Release date: 10-28-2011) [Release Notes]

Version 11.1010 (Release date: 10-10-2011) [Release Notes]

Version 11.0929 (Release date: 09-29-2011)

Version 11.0815 (Release date: 08-15-2011)

Note: To use the web player, you must install the Unity plugin. For best playing experience, please right click and select Full Screen (you must use a web browser other than Internet Explorer to use full screen).

NSF This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0947813. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.