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CS456/556 Software Engineering

At Ohio University, the School of EECS offers a project-based software engineering class (CS456/556), in which real-world clients are invited to bring real problems to the class in Week 1 or Week 2. Students form teams of four and spend the entire term developing a software solution while learning software engineering principles, techniques, and tools. In the past few years, CS456/556 students developed standalone systems, web-based systems, 3D virtual world projects, iOS apps, and Android applications.

An Ohio University news story described a past CS456/556 project.

The class makes use of a private Google Group (, and a Google Code project ( when open-source licenses are adopted.

In 2011 Spring Quarter, the class project was an Android project for Dr. Rob Williams from the Air Force. Nineteen undergraduate students and nine graduate students formed six project teams. The final presentation and demonstration session was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 8, at 12:20 p.m.


In Fall 2011, the class will work on a different mobile app.

Depending on the nature of the class project, the following tools, websites, and documents are sometimes covered in CS456/556.