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STEAM Second Life Modules

Note: These modules cannot be downloaded via the Internet.

They are available for free on our Second Life Teen Grid Island.

This island is open to the public but is limited to people who are 13 through 17 years old.

If you want a copy of these games to use on your own region on the Second Life Teen Grid. Please have a teenager (13 through 17 years old) visit our island and obtain a copy via the boxed version of the game located under the game sign at each game.

Click here to teleport directly to the Ohio Teen Island where the games are located

Click here to download the Second Life client viewer from Linden Lab

Earth Science

Rafting Adventures

Grade Level: 8th Grade

Weather Challenge

Grade Level: 7th Grade

Scientific Methods

Mystery School

Grade Level: 6th or 8th Grade

Fruit Fly Genetics

Grade Level: 8th Grade

Sugar and Water Solubility Experiment

Grade Level: 8th Grade

The Redi Experiment

Grade Level: 8th Grade


Energy Golf

Grade Level: 7th Grade

Energy Park

Grade Level: 8th Grade

Life Sciences


The Great Invertebrate Race

Grade Level: 8th


The Nutrition Game

Grade Level: All

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