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Virtual Boat for Environmental Education 0.2.1 Release Notes

by Sertac Ozercan on May 2nd, 2011

A new version of Virtual Boat for Environmental Education (VBEE) is released. The latest release can be found here.

What’s new in this version

  • New: Area of effect that instantiates when player is near a testing location
  • New: Support for subojectives
  • New: Datasonde surveying device and notebook to survey water samples from testing locations
  • New: Added discharge pipes to the power plant with cool effects
  • Improvement: Objective boxes are more compact
  • Improvement: Removed the chat interface, dialog boxes for testing locations use that spot now
  • Improvement: GUI has bigger fonts for easier reading
  • Improvement: Testing locations are located further apart in the river
  • Improvement: Replaced the dead fish model with another model
  • Improvement: Added game objects to cover the invisible boat walls
  • Improvement: After finding the pollutant source, player isĀ congratulatedĀ for finishing the game
  • Fix: Clicking on the steering wheel should be easier
  • Fix: Trigger events were getting executed even when scripts were disabled
  • Fix: In the navigation mode, camera does not go below water level anymore
  • Fix: In the navigation mode, changing camera angle is much harder
  • Fix: Boat is now more stable while still keeping the floating feeling
  • Fix: Boat can now change directions more easily

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