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Air Force Research Lab Director visited the School of EECS and the VITAL Lab

by Qing Zhu on April 11th, 2011

Dr. Rob Williams from the Air Force Research Laboratory near the Wright Patterson Air Force Base visited the School of EECS and the VITAL (Virtual Immersive Technologies and Arts for Learning) Lab on Wednesday March 30th, 2011.

Dr. Williams presents potential project opportunities for students in CS456/556.

Dr. Rob Williams is the research director of the Tec^Edge Discovery Lab in Dayton, Ohio ( He manages the Air Force summer research internships at the Air Force Research Laboratory. He visited the School of EECS and gave guest talks in several undergraduate student classes to encourage Ohio University students to apply for summer internship opportunities at the Discovery Lab. In addition, he visited CS456/556 students to answer questions student had for the class project, for which he served as the project client representing the Air Force.

Dr. Williams spent an hour at the VITAL Lab in BR 202. Four VITAL Lab projects were presented to Dr. Williams, including iVirtualWorld, Wave Hero, AR learning tool and the BMM iPad app. iVirtualWorld is an end-user programming environment, and can be accessed through web browsers. By using iVirtualWorld, users without programming and modeling skills can build up a 3D virtual world easily. Wave Hero is a 3D learning tool to teach students about propagation of energy through a medium in the form of a wave. AR learning tool is an interactively tool to teach the water cycle scientific concept to students. Augmented reality technologies were used to take track of objects and help users interact with virtual worlds in real time. The BMM iPad app is a mobile-health application on iPad to assist people who suffer from migraine to learn relaxation skills, manage their symptom data, and communicate with their doctors.

Sertac shows an augmented reality project

Xin shows wave hero, a 3D game for high school students

Dr. Williams (2nd from right) enjoys the VITAL Lab project presentations

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